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One to one coaching session

James Coomber Leadership coach

Changing workplace culture through effective leadership

Offering leadership coaching, team workshops and keynotes specifically designed to improve workplace culture.

About James Coomber

James has more than twenty years experience leading teams to success during crisis situations attended by UK Emergency Services. In that time he has learned that if you want a high performing team, you need to first create the right environment and culture for the members to feel supported enough to step out of their comfort zone. Only once this is achieved will the team grow, develop and succeed. 

James has delivered leadership training both nationally and internationally and has recently been acknowledged as a leading supportive figure in recognising and challenging toxic behaviour in workplaces and the culture around this.

James’ goal is to create safe working environments that promote inclusivity and positive culture by way of effective and supportive leadership.

Extrication Team
Fire Service Team
James Coomber
James Coomber Fire Officer
Extrication Team
James Coomber
Toxic Masculinity Podcast
Clinical Governance Day
AFRS Bristol Half


What People Are Saying

From large organizations to individual executives, James Coomber has a diverse client-base. Regardless of the scale, the result is always the same - impactful results and lasting change. Check out their client list and reviews below.


Team leader

I have worked with James for many years and have found him to be an inspiration. Additionally I have found his teach teaching methods both methodical and clear. His mentorship and sage advice have been invaluable to my career progression. I can say in all honesty that I could not have achieved any of it without him.


Middle manager

With James there are no barriers and anything can be achieved if you focus. I feel that James is able to dial into your core and help you find solutions. Shortly after working with James I gained promotion and I firmly believe that my time with James assisted me greatly towards this.


Firefighter and Business owner

James was my watch manager for the last couple of years that I was a wholetime firefighter with Avon Fire and Rescue service before I retired. He won’t appreciate me saying it, but, as I’ve told him, he was the best boss that I served under in my 27yrs of service, and is one of life’s genuinely good guys.


James Coomber


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