With Book/Lyrics by Alyssa Kostello 

Reading on May 23rd, as part of Up In The Air Theatre's Revolver Festival

In a small village below the Catskill mountains, there lives a man named Rip Van Winkle.  He's a sociable man, who neglects his farm and family.  After a fight with his wife, he goes into the mountains with his dog. He meets a group of strange men and decides to blow off some steam and have a drink.  He falls asleep.  He wakes to find that twenty years have passed.  His home - abandoned and falling to pieces.  Everyone he knew and loved - gone.  Rip Van Winkle travels through time to test the boundaries of relationship.  After all, what remains important, twenty years later?


Caravan Stage Company's Hacked returns again this year, with some additional new music.  They begin their tour in Red Hook, New York, on June 10th

A contemporary tale of pirate hacker activists who, through virtual manipulation, battle the corrupting icon of our world, by liberating all the Gold from the biggest global bank on the planet, the Mammon Corporation. This experimental opera is told through song, aerial acrobatics, video & huge puppet heads perched up high in the rigging of the 90 ft traditional wooden sailing ship. 


By Natalie Schneck, part of Mile Zero Dance presented by the Good Women dance collective in Edmonton.  June 12th-14th.

A solo dance piece subtly referencing the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme in a contemporary context.  A physical journey into identity based on the intimate relationships that occur throughout one’s life – the relationship to the mother, father, and lover among others – into identifying solely with and through oneself.  Is this possible?  Do we ever truly identify as individuals without being shaped in some way by the other? 


I'm thrilled to be heading to Prague in June for PQ, the world's largest scenography festival.  I'll be presenting a new sound piece, 100 Years of Ice and Water, as part of PQ's Sound Kitchen. 

100 Years of Ice and Water explores dualities - pairing the personal and the scientific, the present and the distant, the monumental with the insignificant - in an attempt to grow a larger conversation around the current state of ice and water and the potential of where it could go over the next 100 years .

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